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Art Classes:  Art Classes at our Art School in Port Elizabeth, are for any level of experience and for all ages, from potty-trained to retired.

Full-Time Art Certificate:  This is an intensive 10-week curriculum which includes 2D and 3D art-making, as well as Art Marketing and Management.

Art Portfolio Building:  Preparing you to apply to be accepted at a Higher Education institution.

Couples Art Workshops:  For an Adult and Child, Husband and Wife, or Two ‘Just-Friends’.

Holiday Programme:  Choose your own time slots from 1 hour to 8 hours per day. Booking is essential!

Gift Vouchers:  Give someone a great gift to develop their artistic talent!

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Art Team Building in Port Elizabeth:  Indoor ART Team Building, with no artistic talent required and not affected by the weather. Not all team members get excited about vigorous or muddy outdoor team building. This Team Building programme is designed to be a fun-filled learning experience for everyone, focused on putting FUN and WOW into workflow and team culture. 

Softskills Training:  We offer half-day workshops on various topics:   Change Management, Developing a Culture of Creativity, Effective Meetings, Event Management, Goal Setting and Achieving Objectives, Interpersonal Competency, Leadership Development, Marketing and Branding, Motivating Performance, Presentation Skills, Risk Analysis and Decision Making, Project Management, Sales Skills, Scenario Planning, Stress Management, Team Building, and Corporate Assessments.




Art Parties:  For any combination of friends... let us put ART into your next P'ART'Y to create an experience that everyone will be talking about for years

Graphic Design, Website Design, Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimisation:  Assistance and free advice and affordable rates for start-up SMEs on a tight budget. 

Art Commissions and Art Gallery:  We accept commissions, from portraits to murals to calligraphy. We have a gallery of artworks ranging from paintings, mixed media work, to necklaces.

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