Welcome to The Art of Learning, an Art School in Port Elizabeth! 


Art Classes

Art Classes throughout the year are for all levels and all ages, from potty-trained to retired.
We provide most art-making tools and materials. Artistic talent is not essential to make art… it’s about unleashing your creativity. Learn and experiment with any art form such as:  
Drawing: Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil Crayon; Painting: Oil, Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolour;
Calligraphy; Perspective Drawing; 3-D Object Construction; Collage and Mixed Media; Clothing Decorating & Fabric Painting; Beadwork & Jewelry-Making; Cartooning; Pop-Up Images; Paper Quilling; and more!
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Art Certification Course

Our Art Certification programme is an intensive full-time 10-week course or part-time 40-week course.
We accept anyone who has completed their Grade 10. It is a great bridge from schooling to a career in art.
The final project is a submission of a portfolio and an exhibition of artwork which is assessed.
There are 4 subjects, namely: 2D Drawing, 2D Paintings, 3D Studies and Art Marketing and Management.
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Art Portfolio Building Course

Art Portfolio Building is essential for anyone who wants to apply to be accepted at a Higher Education institution. Whether you want to study architecture, media studies, Graphic Design, Animation or Fine Art, you will need an art portfolio to demonstrate your ability with a variety of of techniques, media and subject matter. This is ideal for aspiring artists who are in Grade 11. It is possible to build a great art portfolio in 10 x 3-hour art sessions with us. Gain professional guidance and assistance with Higher Education Application Portfolios.  
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Couples Art Workshops

Couples Art Workshops are 3-hours and ideal for an Adult and Child, Husband and Wife, or Two ‘Just-Friends’.
This is a great way to get to know someone better during a fun activity.
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Art & Games Holiday Programme

In our Art Holiday Programme, you can choose your own time slots from 1 hour to 8 hours per day.
These are popular with adults on leave and learners on break during school holidays.
Discounts apply for multiple bookings (3 or more people or days).
We fill up fast therefore booking is essential!
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We look forward to creating ART with you!

Eastern Cape 2018 School Term Dates:
  First Term: 17 Jan - 28 Mar = 11 weeks
  Second Term: 10 Apr - 22 Jun = 11 weeks
  Third Term: 17 Jul - 28 Sep = 11 weeks
  Fourth Term: 9 Oct - 30 Nov = 8 weeks