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What Others Are Saying About Larna Anderson's Motivational Speaking

Larna Anderson - Testimonials

“Upbeat and uplifting!”


“What a quirky and refreshing perspective on business success.”


“So fun, inclusive of everyone and down-to-earth.”


“Gave us an emotional and mental workout.”


“Thought-provoking … we cried and laughed!”


“The content you presented was insightful and relevant. Participants were engaged and expressed high levels of satisfaction in post session feedback. You demonstrated subject matter expertise and your delivery of the content was impressive. Thanks for allocating the time, your enthusiastic delivery, and professional courtesy.”


“Representatives from Larna’s audiences always call and rave about her presentation. Larna is a pleasure to work with and always gets invited back.”


“Thanks again for the wonderful presentation. We still have people talking about it!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation the other night! I am recommending you highly as a potential speaker at one of our events. You certainly have topics that are of interest to our members.”


“Larna’s presentation skills were second to none. Her level of enthusiasm and incorporation of personal experiences made the audience feel more comfortable in approaching what can be a terrifying experience. I would without a doubt recommend Larna Anderson. The final result will be an educated and knowledgeable audience.”


“The audience responded well to Larna's interactive style and were left with smiles on their faces. Her high energy level, creativity and ability to interact was delightful.”


“It was, to me, obvious that you were extremely well received. For you to be successful, especially after lunch is, for anyone, a daunting task. Then to cover your subject with humor and thought provoking insight was greatly appreciated. Your presentation was greatly appreciated and an eye opener for many of us.”


“Your presentation was terrific. Thank you for the uplifting spirit that you brought to our group!”


“Your ideas do indeed allow us to go from vanilla to our fullest potential by making a lasting impression on potential clients. Your warm style, sprinkled with humor, was refreshing and very captivating.”


“Your presentation was very interesting and informative. You are a generous and inspiring speaker. Thanks again for sharing your talents and knowledge with us.”


“Your expertise and eloquence, as well as your accent, were exceptional experiences for our audience.”


“I was overwhelmed by the positive response. It was apparent to me that the group walked a little taller with greater confidence. You have a remarkable way of drawing them out and making them feel good about themselves.”


“What really impressed me was how very well you delivered your message. You made it fun; you engaged the audience; you gave examples and you earned the trust of everyone. Plus, you really helped advance our mission. I salute you; I appreciate you and I thank you!” 

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