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Larna Anderson Motivational Speaker - South Africa

Larna Anderson

Larna Anderson is a South African Motivational Speaker who inspires world-class thinking and results.
Larna is a keynote speaker who has presented internationally with standing ovations.

Larna Anderson – Brief Bio

Larna Anderson is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Larna obtained a Masters of Arts at Rhodes University and her career has been in training and development in various corporate, non-profit, government and entrepreneurial working environments in South Africa and in the USA. About 20 years ago, after realising the fine line between stupidity and genius, and how to bridge the gap, Larna started writing books and took to the stage to change the world one audience at a time. Has she succeeded? No, not yet because Larna has not spoken to your audience yet! 

Larna Anderson - Interviewed

My unconventional approach to life and business is attributed to the fact that I have always questioned the status quo and initiated innovative solutions. My “MBA” was a “MFA” which has worked in my favour even when living in the USA for 7 years. In the audiences’ best interests, I invite OrganimythicideTM (organization + myth + homicide), the exterminating of organizational myths. Passionate about lifelong learning, I continue to fine-tune my infotainment content based on corporate evolutions and global trends. I am changing the world one audience at a time. 

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South Africa

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